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Chocobogirl's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 345 (From 61 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 6,285 Points


Medals Earned: 7/23 (70/410 points)

20 Stars 5 Points

Collect 20 stars in a single flight.

Hourglass 5 Points

Be flying for 1 minute.

Lift Off 5 Points

Travel 200m in a single flight.

Bird Hunter 10 Points

Reach 5x Crane bonus.

Profit 10 Points

Collect $500 in a single flight.

Second Wind 10 Points

Get boosted by 3 windmills in a single flight.

Galaxy 25 Points

Collect 100 stars in a single flight.


Medals Earned: 1/1 (5/5 points)

loved 5 Points

Together forever.

A Rabbit Fable

Medals Earned: 2/10 (50/420 points)

Evil laugh 25 Points

In a dark place.

Old man's greetings 25 Points

It's a blessing.


Medals Earned: 6/7 (80/85 points)

Dear diary, I haven't touched myself in a long while. 5 Points

Complete the game.

I put on my scarf and astro suit. 5 Points

Complete the first level.

Houston, we'll have had a problem. 10 Points

Complete the second level.

I counted to hundred, slowly, using binary notation. 10 Points

Complete the third level.

I like trains. 25 Points

Complete the fourth level.

Rock around the clock. 25 Points

Complete the final level.

Alice is Dead - Ep 2

Medals Earned: 3/4 (175/200 points)

Happy Hatter 25 Points

You must have left a positive impression on the hatter.

Something Fishy 100 Points

Escape Jail and Trigger the Strange Device.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Alice is Dead - Ep 3

Medals Earned: 2/4 (35/95 points)

Brain 10 Points

The more thoughtful problem solver.

Out With a Ding 25 Points

Beat the Game

Apples in the Tree

Medals Earned: 5/10 (70/330 points)

Children of the Grave 5 Points

Reach the graveyard

Coward 5 Points

Just leave

Skull Beneath the Skin 10 Points

Wear the Vic Rattlehead mask

Mrs Nice Girl 25 Points

You are such a sweet sweet thing

When You're Evil 25 Points

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need

Atomic Sea

Medals Earned: 2/10 (15/500 points)

First Blood 5 Points

Complete first adventure level

I Have Horns 10 Points

Upgrade to level 3

Babies Dream of Dead Worlds

Medals Earned: 3/13 (15/450 points)


Finish the tutorial.


Enter a rift.


Find the incomplete area.


Medals Earned: 5/9 (120/320 points)

Cat Hoarder 10 Points

Store 50 ammo cats.

Combo Master! 25 Points

Score 30 combos during the whole game.

Cattastic! 50 Points

Win the game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!