Just an Update

2012-11-12 03:09:56 by Chocobogirl

Uh, I don't really do much on here. Besides the occasional flash video watching, game playing, or audio listening. Sometimes I post art. Sometimes. I'll try to post more in the future.

But uh! Try to visit me here instead!
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u v u

Herp derp

2011-12-01 01:42:09 by Chocobogirl

Yep, new post.

I just go on here to fave flashes and the like.

Visit me here

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Drawings :D

2010-04-22 19:57:03 by Chocobogirl

If you guys wanted to see some of my art, here it is. n.n. Yeah, I know, they suck. And I still need a tablet or a scanner >,> Haven't really done much here lately. But, I doubt that i'll be able to post anything here anyways. -shrugs- Cya guys til next time. ^-^Link


2009-10-14 22:17:49 by Chocobogirl

Hi Everyone!!! Just to let you guys know, im pretty new here (-^w^-) Also, i mainly use this account to like, watch good quality videos and favorite them. :3. i guess, that's all? o.0